2023 Recap

January - Yandex Source Code Leak.

Learn SEO Factors from the #1 Search Engine in Russia, since nobody knows ranking factors on Google.

February - Google Search Console ❤️ BigQuery

Google supports accessing RAW Data from the Search console in BigQuery, allowing marketers to do advanced analysis and insights.

March - TikTok Search Ads & Keyword Insight

The #1 Search Engine for Gen Z has launched Search Ads to compete with Google which has been dominating the market for decades.

April - Google Ad Transparency Center

Look up & take a peek at competitor’s ads to gain more insight.

May - Bye Google Similar Audience

The manually-build audience is no longer available on Google Ads, instead optimized targeting.

June - Apple Remove UTM

UTM parameters that contain personal information (i.e. user_id, click_id, etc) will be removed on Apple’s iOS17 or higher. As solution, ad tech should start adopting Private Click Measurement (PCM) technology.

July - Thread App Hits 30 million users in 24 hours

Just within 24 hours after launch, Thread App got more than 30 million app install, and it’s predicted to hit 174 million installs in Q2 2024.

August - Google launched Google Demand Gen (Beta)

A new advertising campaign type launched by Google to help businesses find, engage, and convert customers across Google and YouTube. designed specifically for social platform advertisers.

September - Branded content library

Meta expanded the ads library and allowed us to peek at collaboration between content creators and brands.

October - TikTok’s Out-of-phone ad

Beyond the app, TikTok added OOH placements as part of their inventory. You can tap into billboards, cinemas, and others.

November - Sending automatic email from GA4

Build your report directly on GA4 and have it first thing in the morning via automated email.

December - First-party data in GA4

Similar to the Enhanced Conversions feature in Google Ads, Google is starting to allow users to upload first-party data to Google Analytics 4 to increase the accuracy of conversion measurement (re: enhance conversions) & audience reporting (re: demographic & interest reports).